Monday, February 18, 2013

Day Zero Project #30: Take my parents out to dinner.

You know that saying "Sometimes the apple doesn't fall far from the tree"? Sometimes I think that someone took this particular apple and flung it as far from the tree as they could. The apple bounced around a little bit, took some detours and finally ended up in Florida.

The saying has to do with how kids turn out to be like their parents and more times than not it turns out to be true. How often do we find ourselves thinking that we just did something that is "just like our Mother?" My wife is a shining example of someone who seems to do something every day that is exactly like something her parents did while we were growing up.

But myself? Sometimes I feel like I forgot to pick up all of those habits from my Madre. I don't know if it was splitting my childhood years between two parents that caused this or if is simply the fact that I never did spend much time at home, but a recent visit home just drove the point home even more.

Before I continue, don't be misled. Just because I am unlike my Madre does not mean that I do not like my Madre. As a matter of fact, I don't think that anyone could ask for a better Mother. In a nutshell, she's pretty much the best. No offense to your mother, but mine is better.

Back to the topic onhand. Here's a little table to highlight our differences:

Madre: Iowa. Always.
Myself: Left Iowa as soon as legally allowed.

Madre: Video games. And lots of them.
Myself: I do not remember the last time I played video games. When I was a kid, I didn't get to play the Playstation because Madre was playing Final Fantasy. To this day, I find a weird enjoyment in watching people play video games. It's the only sort of TV that I enjoy. Speaking of...

Madre: American Idol. All Dancing reality shows and something called Catfish that she got me temporarily hooked on during this particular visit.
Myself: I do not own a TV. Outside of Catfish, I can't recall the last show I watched.

And finally, and in a way that relates to my Day Zero List.

Madre: I said let's go somewhere awesome, and she said Applebees. It's her favorite.
Myself: I really try not to eat at chains. I'll admit it, I'm a bit of a snob about it. It's a problem I need to work on.

That said, on this particular night, Applebee's was my favorite restaurant, too. Because it doesn't have anything to do with the food, or who owns the corporation or where the tax dollars are going. It's about who you spend your time with. And on this night, in an increasingly rare instance, I was able to sit down and have dinner with my Madre.It was probably the first time in years that just the two of us hung out.

And just in case she got the idea that the apple was rolling back closer to the tree, I made sure to order a beer knowing full well that she's not a drinker. But, like a good sport, she ordered the the menu item with the most meat knowing full well that I don't eat it.

P.S. There are no pictures of this historic dinner, because I do not believe in ruining my first dinner in two years with my Mom in order to get out my cellphone and snap a picture. I'm old-fashioned like that.

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