50 in '15

  1. Send a secret to PostSecret
  2. Go for a run everyday for a week
  3. Spend a day just relaxing at the beach
  4. Start staying in better touch with people
  5. Stay in bed for a whole day
  6. Watch all 6 Star Wars movies
  7. Go spelunking
  8. Create a time capsule
  9. Make mulled wine
  10. Find my signature cocktail
  11. Run a half marathon
  12. Read Shakespeare
  13. Watch every film that won a Cannes Golden Palm (1970-now)
  14. Ride a scooter
  15. Take a cake decorating class
  16. Visit Gatorland (Florida)
  17. Dress up for Halloween
  18. Register as a bone marrow donor
  19. Go for a spa treatment
  20. Send Christmas cards
  21. Learn to knit or crochet
  22. Ride on a swing
  23. Maintain my goal weight
  24. Go to the driving range
  25. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  26. Buy my mother flowers
  27. Read the Bible through in one year
  28. Make a kite and take it for a ride
  29. Learn to say hello in 10 languages
  30. Find a good homemade spaghetti sauce recipe and make it more than once
  31. Buy a vintage bike with a basket
  32. Take a Mensa test
  33. Spend a weekend in a cabin
  34. Bake a cake
  35. Sit outside during a thunderstorm
  36. Create a piece of art
  37. Have a tea party
  38. Watch the sun rise and set at the same location, without sleeping
  39. Do a full body detox
  40. Learn how to throw a knife
  41. Fill a sketch book with drawings, design ideas and cuttings
  42. Perform a random act of kindness
  43. Go an entire day without speaking
  44. Go to 5 new restaurants
  45. Contact someone with my own name
  46. Write a short story
  47. Build a birdhouse
  48. Travel somewhere by train
  49. Go to the ballet
  50. Host a themed party

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