Friday, September 12, 2014

Day Zero Project #2: Volunteer at an animal shelter.

I could do the normal thing and type a bunch of sarcastic, witty comments here, but you probably just came here for pictures of kittens. I'll get to those after a few formalities.

The place I volunteered is a cat shelter in St. Pete called Friends of Strays. I both fostered a group of five kittens collectively nicknamed "The Terribles" and have also been volunteering once a week in their adoption center. Where else can your volunteer work be playing with a bunch of awesome cats?

So, go check them out. Volunteer if you feel like it. But be careful; if you foster kittens you may just end up with a cat (or two) of your own... least we did! Introducing Slayer, one of our fosters that we decided to take home because all her siblings got adopted and I didn't like seeing her there alone. She's terrible, but also she can be very cute...when she's sleeping. Mostly she's just terrible.

And Mayor Cuddles Von Mystery, Esq. aka Big Guy aka Big Love. He is an adult I bonded with while volunteering. He is pretty much the best cat that has ever lived. 

And because kitten pictures are the number one way to drive traffic to a site here's some pictures of the kittens we fostered. You'll be happy to know that all have now found great permanent homes.

And finally, as a warning, the following will happen if you foster five kittens. And it won't just happen once, it will happen every single day.

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