Monday, December 29, 2014

2015: Let's Try This Again aka 50 in '15

It's the first day of 2015 and that means it's time for Day Zero List Version 2. We had a blast doing all of the fun things on our last list, so we decided to make it annual thing. There will be some slight changes this time. Rather than 101 things in 10001 days, we've re-tooled the list to be 50 things in 52 weeks. This mostly serves the purpose of allowing us to print cool looking books annually, rather than once every three years. It may be shallow, but I just want a shelf full of different versions of “Make Your Own Damn Coffee Table Book” and this is a good way to make that happen.

But, other than shortening the list, it's pretty much the same concept. We took the first 50 random goals that were offered up by the Day Zero site. Well, truth be told, not the first 50. It's the first 50 that were reasonable. Unfortunately we won't be camping in Antarctica or anything crazy and expensive like that this year.

And how did the list turn out?

That depends on who you ask.

For me, I seem to remember a little more excitement about things on the last list. There were just a couple things that stood out to me on this one as being exciting: riding a hot air balloon, go spelunking, and learning how to throw a knife, for example.

Katie, on the other hand, seemed to have somehow talked to the folks at Day Zero and made sure that the “random” things that popped up were all things she's been trying to get me to do for a while. She'll have a huge smile on her face as we have themed parties and dress up for Halloween and head out to the ballet.

So, on the surface, it would seem like Katie won this one. But that's okay. I'm not worried. If the last batch of goals taught me anything it's that I may find myself enjoying things that I was in no way looking forward to.

On that note, don't be surprised if by the end of the year I have a new hobby of knitting sweaters and hosting tea parties. You just never know what you are going to learn over the course of trying 50 new things.

And that's the precise reason that we are excited for another year living “Our Life of Lists.”

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