Friday, June 22, 2012

Day Zero Project #10: Read A Graphic Novel

If you've met me and my wife before, odds are you've probably said, "How did that dorky guy get that girl? He must be rich."

To this, I'd respond as such: One, I'm not rich, we started dating in high school. I was smarter then and she probably assumed I would some day make tons of money. By the time she figured out that I'm lazy and unmotivated, it was too late. Two, and this surprises most, she is a much bigger dork than I am. She visits the comic book store every single week and when it came time to accomplish Day Zero Project #10: "Read a Graphic Novel" I had to venture no further than our bookshelf, which she has somehow managed to fill with billions* of comic books.

I randomly selected a graphic novel called Area 10 to read. It's an okay book about a detective and some weird crimes. I thought it best to sum it up with a few images that depict the action contained within its many panels. Due to copyright issues, I've decided to re-enact these panels with my wife rather than stealing them directly from the book.

First, there was some shooting.

And then a guy drilled a hole into his head.

Which reminds me, I should really be watching Pi.

*When I say billions, I mean dozens. But when the graphic novels outnumber the Hubert Selby, Jr. books, you have a problem with your personal library.

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