Monday, July 8, 2013

Day Zero Project #81: Get rid of 50 things.

"Things were nothing"
- Paul Monette, "Borrowed Time"

If you have ever given me anything then there's a good chance that I've either sold it on eBay or donated it to Goodwill. I'll apologize for that now, I really did like the gift.

The problem is I have an aversion to having stuff in my home. If it wasn't for my wife I'd most likely not even have 50 things to get rid of. As is, I already go through the house at least once a year and touch almost everything we own asking "Do we really need this?"

If not, it goes into one of three piles: a donate pile, a sell pile or the trash pile. It's an effective process, really. Our current place doesn't have tons of storage but that's no big deal. Every year I manage to raise a few hundred bucks and we take a mini-vacation. It's a win-win.

That is until you need to get rid of 50 more things because the goal popped up on a list. I wasn't sure if I even had that many items to get rid of, but after some serious Spring cleaning, we managed to get rid of more than the required amount.

In the spirit of TMI, here's the stuff we got rid of. If you bought me something on this list, I loved it, I used it and now it's gone on to a new home that will appreciate it. They won't appreciate it as much as I did, but they'll love it, nonetheless. Unless you gave me Monopoly. That's a wasted gift.

1) Postcards from PostCrossing goal (recycled)
2) FujiFilm FinePix F480 Digital Camera (eBay)
3) 1st Place Trophy - not engraved (donated)
4) Casio fx-300MS Scientific Calculator (eBay)
5) Robe (Women's) (garbage)
6) Hot Stone Massage Set (Craigslist)
7) Beach Umbrella (donated)
8) Deck of collectable playing cards (eBay)
9) Fear Before hoodie (eBay)
10) 4-Track Recorder (eBay)
11) Chez Goth game (eBay)
12) Chez Guevara game (eBay)
13) Chez Cthulhu game (eBay)
14) Wedding Crashers DVD (donated)
15) Spices and Herbs book (eBay)
16) 1 Lot of magazines (eBay)
17) 3 DVDs (eBay)
18) Pier One Picture Frames (eBay)
19) Another Pier One Picture Frame (eBay)
20) Massage Chair (Craigslist)
21) Tiki Torches (garbage)
22) Nintendo Gamecube (eBay)
23) Gamecube Games x 5 (eBay)
24) Massage Oils/Lotions (garbage)
25) Massage Study Book (recycle)
26) Dress x 4 (donate)
27) Women's shirt x 7 (donate)
28) Duffle bag (donate)
29) Jeckyl and Hyde Mystery Rummy game (eBay)
30) Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Albums of All Time special collector's issue (donate)
31) Suit Jacket (donate)
32) Yet Another Suit Jacket (donate)
33) Boxers x 2 (garbage)
34) Jack The Ripper Mystery Rummy game (eBay)
35) Progressive Bass Guitar instruction book (donated)
36) Small beer glasses x 2 (donated)
37) A whole bunch of papers from my desk (recycled)
38) Christmas lights (donated)
39) Christmas ornaments x2 (donated)
40) Heart baking pan (donated)
41) Magic The Gathering cards (eBay)
42) Woman's clothes x 5 (garbage)
43) Wonderland board game (eBay)
44) Destiny Wasjig? puzzle (eBay)
45) Yoga DVD set (eBay)
46) Workout shorts (donate)
47) Woman's sweater (donate)
48) skirt (donate)
49) scarf (donate)
50) scrub pants (donate)
51) shorts x 2 (donate)
52) men's jeans (garbage)
53) men's shirt x 2 (garbage)
54) Woman's boots (garbage)

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