Monday, September 16, 2013

Day Zero Project #79: Play a Game of Racquetball

I have a motto that I like to spout off from time to time that is "It's not fun, unless you can die doing it." Do I really believe that? No. I'm having fun typing this right now and I'd like to think that my chance of dying while sitting at my keyboard is minimal. That's just not the way I want to go out.

But this motto does help explain some of the fun (stupid?) things that I do on a regular basis such as cliff diving without knowing how to swim, walking through the darkest parts of the ghetto at 2am, parallel parking or antagonizing my wife after she's repeatedly warned me that she's about to switch from her normal quiet mode into full-on ninja.

And so when I was shipped off to a Corporate Leadership Class I was doubtful that I would have much opportunity to do anything approaching dangerous. Except for public speaking. I'm pretty sure that's been known to cause a few serious health problems.

But on the second day of class I walked deep into the bowels of the Corporate HQ, past the dining hall, down four flights of stairs until I came across a tiny room. And the concept of this room is that people lock themselves in it and proceed to hit a tiny blue rubber ball at what must be about 1,000 miles per hour at each others faces. Now we are talking something a bit more my speed!

I didn't know anyone who plays racquetball? No problem. I just head upstairs and grab a couple of people with promises of the most awesome game of all time.

We don't have any gym clothes? No problem. Racquetball is meant to be played by people in khakis and polos who are running around with just their socks on.

Worried that since we are at a Corporate Class that there should be some sort of business purpose? No problem. I can think of no better way of team building that running around trying to hit co-workers with a ball that will likely leave a welt that will last for weeks.

And so it was that I found myself immersed in an ultra-business complex running around a glass box with two peers all in our business clothes having one of the more fun times that I would have all week.

It was like this...

...except we all were dressed like this.

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