Friday, January 3, 2014

Day Zero Project #41: Kiss someone at midnight on New Year's.

Me and Katie have a tradition for New Year's Eve. And that tradition is to fall asleep long before the ball ever drops. This particular custom wasn't intentional, but more a product of the fact that we really like sleeping and we really dislike rowdy crowds. So it's always just worked out that we probably haven't kissed to ring in a New Year for quite a few years.

But, alas, this year we found ourselves in a cabin up in the mountains of Asheville with friends counting down from 10 as a big crystal ball dropped on TV. Not only were we awake enough to kiss, we also had champagne and countdowns and Miley Cyrus on the TV just like a good American should.

I don't have a picture of this kiss as "selfies" are not something that I'm into and I think it kills the mood to tell someone to "Hold that kiss," while you reach for your phone to take a picture.

But, trust me, it happened. And it was cool because it happened in this place:

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