Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day Zero Project #45: Create a Scavenger Hunt

I had big plans for this particular goal. I was going to invite friends over and have a whole Downtown St. Petersburg scavenger hunt that would have had everyone running around my town having fun. But, alas, sometimes the world has other plans so when my wife was recently home for a number of weeks recovering from surgery and sitting around growing increasingly bored I figured I'd take the opportunity to create Katie's "Spending '14 In a Sling" Scavenger Hunt

I came up with a number of pretty easy things that someone with only one arm could do and gave it to her with the hopes that she'd have some fun, pass some time and maybe meet a few interesting people and see a few interesting things.

There's no need to type it all out, but a few of the things on the list included: "Take a picture with 5 stranger's dogs" (she ended up loving dogs and taking about a dozen of these!), "A giant painting of Bill Woo" (a mural on the 600 block of our alley), and "4 different sites on the National Historic Register", plus 11 others.

All-in-all, I think it was a successful scavenger hunt. I know that she had a lot of fun and that's the important part.

"Cheers-ing" a stranger - Bonus points for him being from Australia
Bill Woo mural 
One of her favorite dogs, Winston. I don't think he likes her much.
 And I did promise her a prize if she accomplish all 14, so there was the added benefit of a fully planned, fantastic weekend in Bourbon Country for two. Visit Kentucky. Seriously. It's beautiful there. Maybe don't live there, but definitely visit.

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