Monday, June 9, 2014

Day Zero Project #93: Bake and decorate cupcakes.

Baking cupcakes in my house is a bit of a risky proposition. You see, my lovely wife, is quite the baker and cupcakes just happen to be her "thing." So for years I've just let her bake away without interfering. She makes the cupcakes. I make anything fried. These are the sacred lines drawn in the pearl tiles of our kitchen floor.

But, like all good rules, this one was perfect for breaking and my Day Zero List gave me the perfect opportunity to see how my mini-cakes would stack up against the pro's. 

Sunday she was distracted by making organic dog treats even though we don't own a dog, so I took the opportunity to sneak onto the battlefield...sorry, kitchen, to throw down the cupcake gauntlet.

A few notes on making cupcakes:
1) I knew they weren't healthy, but seriously, these had a Paula Dean amount of butter.

2) Cupcakes are easy to make. See these simple instructions.

3) Although easy to make, decorating is hard work. Sure you can make one look good by spending 20 minutes working on it.

But then you realize there are 23 more just like it and at your current pace it will take you three weeks to decorate them all.
I made two really nice looking ones and then it all went downhill, including six cupcakes that ended up with no frosting or decoration at all. Yes, I'm that lazy. 

My foray into cupcakes was fun and I did a decent job with them before remembering that I don't even like desserts that much. That said, from now on I'll stick to frying the appetizers and leave the baking to the household pro.

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