Monday, July 14, 2014

Day Zero Project #84: Lose 10 lbs.

Common Internet knowledge is that if you want to get a whole bunch of hits on your blog you title your post something like "How to lose 10 pounds" or "Super Awesome Amazing Shortcut to Cut the Pounds Fast." So, if you've come to this post to look for the absolute best way to lose 10 pounds through some sort of miracle food or shortcut or something along those lines, I'm sorry.

That said, I did manage to lose more than 10 pounds (over 16 actually), but it took a pretty long time and I didn't do anything that special. My miracle advice? Eat whatever you want, but track your calories (I use LoseIt, but choose what you like).

In fairness, I have some sort of weird metabolism that allows me to lose weight just by thinking about it. But my wife does not have this same genetic defect and managed to lose weight the same way. Sure, you could probably spend a whole bunch of time eating superfoods like wheatgrass shots and kale shakes, but personally, I prefer to just eat my Funyuns and drink some 3 Daughters Beach Blonde Ale in moderation. It's just easier for me because, seriously, have you ever tried a Kale shake? Not a pleasant experience.

I wanted to try and lose an even 20 pounds but 1) Katie said that if I lose any more weight she's going to leave me and 2) I'm really bored with tracking calories. Oh well, I feel like I'm at a healthy weight and so I'll go ahead and mark this goal done.

Also, who came up with these healthy weight range charts?

I'm 5'10" and this thing is saying that my healthy weight range is 132-174. Good news is that I'm in my range (albeit on the high end). Bad news is that I could read this and think "Hey, I should really weigh in the 130s." If I weighed 132 pounds I would be grossly skinny.

Get it together Mr. Government Health Guy.

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