Saturday, July 5, 2014

Day Zero Project #57: Have a picnic on the beach.

This a excerpt from my upcoming novel, "A Day In The Sun," a story of a singular, almost uneventful, day in the life of a most extraordinary seagull named Freddie "Whole Roll" Rollins.

The life of a teenage seagull is one of leisure. It was after one of these such days, one of flying through the warm skies and darting in and out of the crystal clear waters of the Gulf that Sammy arrived home to find his grandfather, Freddie "Whole Roll" Rollins sitting outside with his lifelong best friend Gully arguing over who had caught the bigger fish that time that they flew all the way down to the Keys for a little change of scenery and to escape the constant nagging of their wives about the need for a little less hanging out on the beach and a little more help around the nest. 

"Sammy, come on over here," said Gully, "Has your Gramps ever told you the story of how he got the nickname 'Whole Roll'?"

Sammy had no desire to sit through another one of these drawn out stories about nothing, but he was always taught to respect his elders, so he waddled over to the pair of old birds and settled into the sand for another wasted two hour story session.

End Excerpt.

Oh yeah, we also went to Fort Desoto.

 And had a picnic on the beach.

We ate Caprese sandwiches and honeyed grapes with walnuts.

And watched the beautiful Floridian sunset.

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