Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day Zero Project #23: Go Without Soda For A Month

Day Zero #23: Go Without Soda For A Month
See that picture? That's an image of my desk the day that I started the difficult task of going without soda for a full month. That's probably about two days worth which, as you can see, tells you many things about me:

1. I drank way too much soda.
2. I also tend to sprinkle in a couple beers here and there.
3. I'm indecisive. You can see Dr. Pepper, Coke Zero and Pepsi in this picture. I need to make up my mind.
4. I probably need to do a better job of keeping my desk clean.

I can say the obvious stuff, "Yes, I felt better without drinking soda." "Yes, I saved money without having to buy the stuff."

Was it a good idea? Let me just say this. I celebrated the end of a month without soda by drinking soda. And what did I have. One Dr. Pepper, one Coke Zero, and one Pepsi. I guess habits don't change much, even after 30 days.

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