Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day Zero Project #76: See a Live Comedy Act

It's Saturday afternoon and I send a text to my friend, "Hey, What's up?" I send a text because I'm staunchly anti-talking on the phone. This is probably a sign of a very serious anti-social disorder.

My friend, obviously better with people than myself, doesn't text, but calls me back and within minutes. Not only do we know have plans for the evening, but I also get to check something off the list. A few hours, and a couple frozen drinks later, Day Zero List #76 - See a Live Comedy Act was in the books.

And this is why I don't make plans. I just keep my schedule open so whenever something pops up I'm ready to go. This keeps us in good standing with everyone we know, who I like to imagine think of us as "Those guys you can always call and they'll be ready to hang out no matter what."AKA "They don't have kids, so they'll hang out."

And what did I learn from these comedians? That I think they are somehow listening in on my regular conversations with friends and stealing my material. 50% of people I hang out with are Latin and 100% of the time that I hang out with them we are making jokes that are either a) jokes about how fat we are getting or b) jokes about angry Latin girls stabbing people. And what did the comedians talk about this fine evening? Fat jokes and angry Latin girls stabbing people. I want my royalty check.

Usually I get made fun of for being the token skinny white guy who wears shirts that are too small. If the next comedy show I see is about that, I'm gonna convince all my friends to quit our jobs and become writers for some sitcom.

And, just in case you want to watch the professionals at work, these are the people that we saw

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