Monday, August 27, 2012

Day Zero Project #13: Send 10 Postcards via

I had no idea what was, so I had to look that up before I could even begin to start this one. Basically, it is a site where you register and send postcards all over the world and for every one one that you send, you get a postcard back from somewhere in the world.

It's fun to go to your mailbox and get a postcard from Latvia or Russia or something; certainly better than the mix of bills and junk mail that I am used to seeing.

There's only so much you can do with a postcard and most that you would get fall into one of four categories.

 1) Cartoons
from Finland

from Yokkaichi, Japan

2) Animals
from Engelskirden, Germany

from Ripa, Latvia
3) Scenic Stuff
from Czech Republic

from the Netherlands

from Krakow, Poland

from Pomerania, Russia

4) My personal favorite, postcards that people make out of local food boxes.
from Vienna, Austria (some sort of ice cream bar)

from the Netherlands (some very healthy looking cereal)

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