Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day Zero Project #18: Read Game of Thrones

I really didn't want to like this book. There's a book snob residing inside of me that really dislikes the idea of enjoying something that everyone else keeps telling me is great. Plus, the book is like 800 pages long. Who needs that many pages to tell a story?

Apparently George R. R. Martin because, much to my dismay, this book was good. Great, even. I managed to read the whole thing in about three sittings because I didn't want to put the book down without knowing what was going to happen next.

Even though I thought the book was great, I caution you against starting to read the book for a few reasons.

One, there are seven books in the series. Each one having more than 700 pages, some more than 1,000. I won't get to read a non-GoT's related book until sometime in 2023.

Two, and this is the worst part, now I have to find time to watch the show on HBO so I can sit there for hours on end complaining about how the book was so much better.

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