Sunday, March 9, 2014

Day Zero Project #31: Pick fruit from the tree and make pie.

Last weekend we had to go to Fort Lonesome in Lithia, FL to pick a bunch of strawberries to make organic jam, so in the hippie version of killing two birds with one stone I made sure to make my way over to their orchards and pick some oranges from their trees in order to make this pie.

Oranges...on a tree!
Yes, oranges are not the ideal fruit for making a pie. If it was summer, I could probably find some peaches or something. If I still lived in Iowa or Connecticut, I could have found some apples. But I live in Florida and it's March, so oranges are my option.

Yours truly, picking fruit off a tree.
Cutting up oranges and throwing them into a flaky crust seemed incredibly unappealing. Plus I remember something from a few years ago when I tried to fry some oranges and it basically sucked all the flavor right out of them. So, I was left with taking those oranges, juicing them and baking them into a meringue-style pie.

While this was a good, and most likely tasty, plan, I did overlook the fact that it would be hard work. I had to juice oranges. I had to boil a mixture of those oranges and a whole bunch of other stuff until it turned into a weird, thick delicious concoction. Then I had to make meringue, which is surprisingly difficult considering it's just a few different basic ingredients.

Anyway, I did all that (and did it well, if I might say so) and then baked it for awhile and it came out tasting quite good. Here's my picture-by-picture rundown of the process:

Get some oranges

Turn those oranges into orange juice
Cook those with sugar until thick and put in a crust
Beat eggs for 40 years until you have meringue
Bake it for awhile until it looks awesome
Eat it.

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