Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Day Zero Project #33: Say yes to everything for one day.

Whoever made this goal most likely had the intention to use it as a way to open themselves up to the endless possibilities of life that our typical safe selves would never do. After all, it's easiest to say "No," but no great adventure has been undertaken without an initial hesitant "Yes."

How much would our lives be different if it was always a "No"? What if my wife would have said "No" when I asked her out in October of 1997. What would my life be like if I would have said "No" to leaving Iowa, or if I said "No" again when the time came to move to Florida?

What if I would have said "No" to doing a list of other people's goals? Then I wouldn't be doing all this weird stuff, you wouldn't be reading it, and we'd both have a little more free time to show for it.

Perhaps not the best example on that last one, but you get the idea.

All that said, saying "Yes" to literally everything is the pursuit of the young. I know what I like and I seem to have a growing appreciation for avoiding things that will kill me as I get older. So rather than approach this goal with eyes wide open, I did my best to schedule this for a day when no one would ask anything of me.

And this was simply because I know the people around me and if I was to answer everything in the affirmative I'd end up shopping with my wife and buying too much stuff and then hanging out with my friends having too many drinks and a hangover that lasts 24 times as long as it took me to drink the alcohol in the first place.

For the most part I managed to avoid all human contact and made it a full 24 hours without offering a single "No" to the world.

For the full day the only things that I had to do that I didn't really want to were:

1)  Walk to the grocery store even though my allergies were acting up and the mere thought of being outside made me want to curl up into a little ball and cry for a bit.

2) Watch as Kate bought more tea even though we have a full pantry full of way too many types of tea. It sort of hurt to agree to more tea as I'm a bit of a minimalist when it comes to stuff in my house.

3) And the most painful, I had to eat one of these little Nutella snacks:

Does anyone even like Nutella? I was hungry and it certainly wasn't what I wanted, but my wife suggested that I eat it and I was in no position to decline, so it was adventure time!

And if eating a snack you don't want to eat is the worse thing that happens, then I'd say that the day was successful.

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