Saturday, April 5, 2014

Day Zero Project #39: Make donuts or churros at home.

Sometimes while you are doing a list of other people's goals you end up doing things that you would never have any interest in doing; making donuts, for example. I don't even like donuts. Does anyone? They are the inferior little brother to the regal bagel. They need to cover themselves with frosting or sprinkles or fill themselves with pudding just to even stand a chance versus the doughy goodness that is a bagel.

But the list said to make donuts, so donuts I will make. And make them badly, as it turns out.

First, unless you are going to get fancy with the thing, I suggest buying a donut pan. It basically takes all the hard work out of it, which I'm always a fan of.

Then you pick a weekend where you are distracted because your wife had surgery, find a recipe, and get to work. If you do it like I did, you will mix everything up, throw it in your donut pan, bake them for a bit and end up with something that looks like this.

Donut without holes! So that means they are just cake, right? Oh well, nothing that some creative knife work can't fix. Where a hole should have been, I will just cut a new one. But first I'll check the microwave to melt some butter for the frosting...

And I'll be greeted with some already melted butter.

"Why is that in there," I'll ask myself.

"Oh, F@#$. That was supposed to go INTO the donuts."

And while I was at it, I forgot the salt, too. Who needs all the ingredients? Not me.

Anyway, you cover those with whatever you want. In my case, a cinnamon/sugar mixture, because why not? I have butter-less, salt-less donuts, I definitely need a bunch of sugar.

So they end up looking like this:

They actually look good, so why not serve one of those puppies up...

That picture almost looks like a real breakfast, right? A little slice of Dunkin' Donuts right there in my very own kitchen. But how did it taste without the butter and salt?


I'm going back to bagels.

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