Friday, January 23, 2015

50 in '15 #45: Contact someone with my own name.

The following is an interview that I, Dustin Hughes, conducted with a different Dustin Hughes (from Oregon) and another Dustin Hughes (this one from North Carolina).

Just to help keep all your Dustin Hughes' straight, Ive included our respective home states in parenthesis. The narrator I hired to conduct the interview is in italics. He's completely fictional and serves the purpose of tying all this together, but he's pretty awesome and we'll call him Mr. H, just so he has a name.

Hey! Great to be here. My name is Mr. H and I'm sitting here with Dustin Hughes and Dustin Hughes and Dustin Hughes today to talk a little bit about what we think is the best name in the whole world: you guessed it, Dustin Hughes! We got a lot to cover so let's jump right in to.

Gentlement, can you introduce yourself?

Dustin Hughes, here. I hail from the wonderful city of St. Petersburg, FL.

I'm Dustin Hughes. North Carolina.

And I'm Dustin Hughes from Oregon.

Awesome, so glad you could make it out today for this momentous meeting of great minds. I thought we'd start with a little talk about how our parents came up with the wonderful name of Dustin.

Dustin (Me) - My madre told me that she knew some lady who had a cute little boy named Justin and so that would be my name. My father said, “No way.” She said, “Fine, then it's Dustin,” and the rest is history.

Dustin (NC) - My mom wanted to name me Dusty after a popular Soap Opera actor at the time.

Dustin (OR) - Mom named me after Dustin Hoffman.

Simply fascinating! And now let's move on to something I'm sure you all hear a lot. How many times have people made jokes/references to Dustin Hoffman or Howard Hughes when talking to or about you?

Dustin (Me) - It happens a lot. Way more than it should. But I wouldn't mind being related to Howard Hughes. Am I right!?

Dustin (NC) - Seems like someone said something about Dustin Hoffman once, but that was it.

Dustin (OR) - I actually use Dustin Hoffman when someone on the phone didnt hear me clearly, and I use Howard Hughes, myself, for the same reason. Generally it goes " No, Dustin, like Dustin Hoffman, but better looking" or “Hughes, as in Howard Hughes but not as rich."

Ridiculous. You guys are cracking me up here. Are all Dustin Hughes' this funny? Anywho... Let's talk nicknames. Are people allowed to call you Dusty?

Dustin (Me) - Absolutely not. There was a girl in my junior high named Dusty and so I just always figured it was a girl's name.

Dustin (NC) - That is my nickname. My entire family calls me that.

Dustin (OR) - Only my older sister calls me Dusty.

Seems like that one is a bit all over the place. But I'm going to agree with Dustin from Florida on this one because I'm fictional and he created me.

Next question, If someone just happens to call you Justin instead of Dustin, do you call them out on it immediately or do you just keep on going like nothing happened.

Dustin (Me) - I'm usually too nice or too lazy to correct people, so I just roll with whatever while secretly stewing inside.

Dustin (NC) - I usually respond like nothing happened. Depends on who it is and what our relationship is.

Dustin (OR) - If i'll will meet them again I correct them, if it wont matter in the long run I leave it alone.

Sounds good, Justin. Oops, I mean Dustin! Last question. How do you feel about ladies named Katie?

Dustin (Me) - I married one, so obviously I like them. As a matter of fact, I think they are the best.

Dustin (NC) - I've talked to a few Katie's, but never dated them seriously. I'm very good friends with a few though, and they are awesome people.

Dustin (OR) - Never dated a Katie. The name Katie reminds me of a one of those dream girls who sleeps in a tee shirt and panties, instead of a snowsuit.

Hot girls sleeping in anything but a snowsuit! That Dustin Hughes from Florida must be one lucky guy. Actually all these Dustin Hughes' are lucky guys. Great name, great lives and good all around people.

Until next time, this has been Mr. H. Special thanks to our guests Dustin Hughes, Dustin Hughes and Dustin Hughes.

Thank you, and goodnight.

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