Sunday, March 22, 2015

50 in '15 #44: Go to five new restaurants.

Five new restaurants? Is that supposed to be a crazy challenge? I knew right away when I saw this goal come up on the ole randomizer that this would not be one of the items that we'd actually have to try and accomplish.

Since you are reading this blog about how I love trying new list-based things, you can probably guess that we are into checking out new restaurants. As a matter of fact I've often talked to Katie about trying less new restaurants so we can become a regular somewhere!

Anyway, as expected, it did not take long to try five new restaurants. We didn't set out to try and get this done fast, but here we are just under a month into 2015 and we can now tick this one off as completed.

The five lucky new restaurants were (in order of when we checked them out): Tryst, The Station House, Kobe Sushi, Jimmie's and Gateway to India.

Two of those were from Tampa Bay Times Top 50 list (The Station House and Gateway to India), one was a friend's birthday party (Jimmie's) and two just happened to be in the area at the same time that we happened to be hungry (Tryst and Kobe Sushi).

And how were the five new restaurants? I don't think that any of them are going to enter our limited rotation, but I didn't hate accomplishing this one.

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