Monday, March 23, 2015

50 in '15 #43: Go an entire day without talking.

I think that the idealized version of spending a day without talking is that it would be seen as a form of extreme meditation: just me and my thoughts for 24 hours. Over the course of this day I would get in touch with my inner self and come out the next day as a slightly better version of myself.

Spoiler alert: None of that actually happened. The lesson learned is that I really enjoy talking. More importantly, if I went more than 24 hours without talking I'd most likely go crazy.

But I did it, and I suppose I should talk about that experience. I knew that the best time to accomplish this goal would be when I was away on business. That way Katie wouldn't have to suffer through a day where we just stare at each other. Second, you have to be prepped to do such a task. I bought a bunch of food so I wouldn't have to talk to anyone to order. I informed Katie that we would not be having our regularly nightly call.

And then I just settled into my hotel room for the day. There was frozen pizza. There was March Madness. And there was a whole bunch of quiet.

This was my view for almost the entire day (except when I forced myself to go visit the hotel's gym where I crossed my fingers and hoped that no one would come in and want to strike up a conversation while working out on the treadmill next to me—which, thankfully, never happened.)

I can now say that I have gone a full 24 hours without speaking a single word out loud. This is bound to surprise nearly anyone who knows me and is an experiment that I will gladly never repeat again as long as I live.

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